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I want Bloody Mary brunches
and poetry in bed
and a legitimate shot at

I want to know pain
but not too much
and to skirt death
but not too soon

I want to cry
not because the world is not fair
but that there is fairness
in every ant and plant
and even those half-living creatures
that cause us harm invisibly

I want to make my mark
as both dog and tree
so those with good sense
know how to find their own kind
(or at least a skilled lumberjack)

I want faith in myself
and my family and friends
and least of all
in my convictions

I want to love someone
from the roots of the nerves
to the tip of the knows
I’m not sure yet who
maybe myself

I want all of this
not just on Bloody Sundays
but will settle for, I suppose,
a stalk or two of

Rich, L. E. (2007, September 19). Sunday. Leigh Rich Freelance: five2seven.

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