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Insert Comma • A Portfolio of Leigh E. Rich

Barking dogs and sacred cows …

Insert Comma is an online portfolio of Leigh E. Rich, a “culture broker” who writes about art, books, health, history, politics, and science for the scholarly and lay reader, bridging the gap between the academician and the amateur.

In the vein of Anton Chekhov, she has followed two passions in life: medicine and literature. She holds a doctorate in Health and Behavioral Sciences and a master’s degree in Cultural and Medical Anthropology and is an award-winning writer of editorials, news and feature stories, and reviews.

She currently works as a professor of Health Administration, teaching courses in bioethics, health law and policy, and social theory. Her research focuses on bioethics and the body, health-related law, visual media, gender, the philosophy of medicine, and qualitative methodologies.

Additionally, after five years as editor in chief, she serves as a consulting editor and the associate editor for “Reviews” for the Journal of Bioethical Inquiry and is the radio host of WRUU’s Listening to Literature.

She has experience as a staff and free-lance journalist for publications in the United States and Russia and has worked or studied in Australia, Denmark, Italy, and Switzerland.