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Kylie Minogue
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By Leigh E. Rich

Kylie Minogue
Capitol Records

Kylie Minogue’s ninth album Fever is good for what it is: a sugary assortment to be played in discotheques the world over. Australian soap star-turned-pop diva, Minogue has been making musical waves since her “Locomotion” debut in 1987, particularly after having dated INXS lead singer Michael Hutchinson, collaborating with the likes of Nick Cave, and performing showgirl-style at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney.

Perhaps most adored and remembered for her glitzy, half-naked spreads adorning her album covers and several British music magazines, this sexy 34-year-old has become a success in her own right and has at least proven her longevity in the dance clubs.

Like a box of See’s Candies, however, one must dig through Minogue’s Fever to find the treasured caramels hidden among the less-than-enticing nougats.

While “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” has gained popularity as the album’s lead single—the song Minogue performed on The Tonight Show just a few weeks back—Fever’s tastiest morsels include the Donna Summer-esque “More More More,” the archetypal dance-floor throbbing of “In Your Eyes,” and the delectable title track: “I’m ready for the news so tell me straight / Hey doctor just what do you diagnose / There ain’t a surgeon like you any place in all the world / So now, shall I remove my clothes.”

The remainder of Fever, with the exception of the bonus track “Butterfly”previously unavailable in the United States, tends to blend together, leaving a bland aftertaste of the whole experience.

And while she lacks the spicy flavors of Janet Jackson and Madonna, it would be interesting to see what Minogue would do if she moved beyond the synthesizers and drum machines saturating her latest effort. 

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