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Colorado’s dairy king

Sen. Ken Salazar serves up peanut buster politics

By Leigh E. Rich

The election’s barely two weeks old and Colorado has already made news in Washington.

Was it the defeat of electoral reform proposal Amendment 36?

Was it Amendment 37’s overwhelming push by Colorado voters to demand increases in renewable energy?

Was it the red-to-blue switchover of the Statehouse, the only one to drop GOP leadership in the nation?

Nope. It was Sen.-elect Ken Salazar’s local roots to … a Dairy Queen.

In yesterday’s online Washington Post, the D.C. newspaper polled America’s political wonks in its daily trivia question: “Which of the following newly elected senators also owns a Dairy Queen?”

Possible choices included North Carolina’s Richard Burr, Georgia’s Johnny Isakson, Louisiana’s David Vitter and Colorado’s native son Salazar.

Salazar and wife Hope operate a Dairy Queen in Westminster.

Surely soon to also be known for his green Ford Ranger pickup truck, his signature cowboy hat and his understated and highly effective style, Colorado’s attorney general will no doubt ride into America’s capital with some political capital of his own.

In the interim, don’t miss an opportunity to be served up a Peanut Buster Parfait or a Dilly Bar by your next U.S. senator.

Because once the politicos stick their heads in the kitchen, even a soft serve cone could cost several million. 

Rich, L. E. (2004, November 12). Colorado’s dairy king: Sen. Ken Salazar serves up peanut buster politics. The Colorado Statesman.

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