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AIDS cure? Not yet By Leigh E. Rich Advances in science, despite the recent flurry over completion of part of the Human Genome Project, are slow and incremental. Good science, that is. In the IJN Dollars and Sense Special Section this week, we portray Dr. Leland Shapiro, assistant professor of medicine at CU Health Sciences […]

Categories: Health, Science, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Cure for AIDS?

Just maybe, a CU professor is on to it By Leigh E. Rich More like a “James Bond plot” than stereotypical science, CU Health Sciences Center Assistant Professor of Medicine, Dr. Leland Shapiro, has “discovered a candidate” that could lead to a pharmaceutical treatment for AIDS, an immunological disease caused by the human immunodeficiency virus […]

Categories: Books, Ethics, History, Science | Comments Off on The ‘Iceman’ cometh?

Science left out cold in ‘Iceman’ By Leigh E. Rich Iceman: Uncovering the Life and Times of a Prehistoric Man Found in an Alpine Glacier By Brenda Fowler Random House April 2000 296 pages $25.00 It is not every day a couple of hikers stumble across a five thousand year old corpse. In fact, it […]

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Bio doesn’t improve on Herriot’s books By Leigh E. Rich The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father By Jim Wight Ballantine Books February 2000 371 pages $25.00 His family and friends called him Alf, though most know him as James Herriot, the affable country veterinarian who wrote memorable books about life in the […]

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Journalist sees signs of worldwide upheaval By Leigh E. Rich The Future in Plain Sight: Nine Clues to the Coming Instability By Eugene Linden Simon & Schuster $25.00 The new millennium approaches, and with it all the soothsayers and prophets predicting what our near future holds. While most of these diviners sell us half-cocked ideas […]

Categories: Books, Feminism, Science, Social Science, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Late bloomer

Desmond Morris’s reductive work on human sexuality is about a hundred years past its prime By Leigh E. Rich The Human Sexes: A Natural History of Man and Woman By Desmond Morris St. Martin’s Press $25.00 Sure, Rome was built in a day, and every facet of human nature can be explained in a 250-page […]

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Predictions for the coming year? By Leigh E. Rich Unearth those bunkers and stock up on Spam, the end of the world is near. This is nothing new—prophets have been talking about it for, well, millennia. The Great Pyramid of Giza supposedly dates world annihilation to the year 2001. The ancient and exceedingly accurate Mayan […]