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Categories: Health, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Will EC get the OK?

Gov. Owens still silent on emergency contraception bill By Leigh E. Rich A majority can make all the difference. This rings all too true for Democratic Rep. Betty Boyd of Lakewood, whose House Bill 1042 that would require Colorado hospitals to provide information about emergency contraception to rape survivors has, after three years, landed squarely […]

Categories: Ethics, Politics, Social Science, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Marriage measure debated

Lundberg introduces latest attempt to ban same-sex unions By Leigh E. Rich Deeming it “the most significant domestic issue of the decade,” Rep. Kevin Lundberg, R-Berthoud, announced his intentions Thursday to introduce a House concurrent resolution that would recognize marriage in the state of Colorado “only if it is between one man and one woman.” […]

Categories: Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Military’s best friend

Canines canonized at Colorado’s Capitol By Leigh E. Rich Not just man’s best friend, but soldier’s cherished companion graced the steps of Colorado’s Capitol on Wednesday. Several four-footed freedom fighters spoke (though only when told) in favor of Sen. Stephanie Takis’ Senate Joint Resolution 08 that supports the ongoing efforts of the Vietnam Dog Handler […]

Categories: Elections, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Many wary over election reform

Proactive election reform bills provoke levity, debate By Leigh E. Rich Despite some levity and a bit of semiotic elbowing, the Senate Local Government Committee was all business Tuesday during testimony for Senate Bill 198, an election reform measure that would require “voter-verifiable” paper trails in all precincts by 2008 or, with a waiver, 2010. […]

Categories: Health, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on On the road to reform

Health savings accounts a new vehicle or merely a concept car? By Leigh E. Rich There’s a windy mountain road in Colorado, and as cars speed down one particular curve of the hill, accidents frequently ensue. Night after night, cars crash, metal bends, human lives are at stake. The American solution to the problem? Build […]

Categories: Health, Politics, Religion, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Splitting babies or splitting hairs?

Colorado has yet to weigh in on stem cell debate By Leigh E. Rich “He tried to be Solomonic,” Deborah Price Nagler said last week of President George W. Bush’s 2001 policy limiting federal funding for embryonic stem cell research to a handful of existing cell lines. But like the ancient king who threatened to […]

Categories: Education, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on CU’s Hoffman on the defensive

Gov. Bill Owens asks leadership for ‘more transparency’ By Leigh E. Rich Once again, Colorado’s founding fathers may be rolling in their graves. According to Paul Schauer, the University of Colorado regent for the 6th Congressional District, the Colorado Territorial Legislature passed a bill in 1861 creating the flagship university that opened its doors to […]

Categories: Books, History, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Revisiting dark days in Iran

Books on the 1979 hostage crisis pertinent to today By Leigh E. Rich The Crisis: The President, the Prophet, and the Shah—1979 and the Coming of Militant Islam By David Harris Little, Brown and Company October 2004 432 pages $26.95/$39.95 (Can.) Dateline: Nov. 4, 1979—After a group calling themselves Students Following the Line of the […]

Categories: People, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on New AG at the plate

It’s a legal home run for Suthers, Colorado’s 37th AG By Leigh E. Rich Colorado’s Chief Justice Mary Mullarkey may have well shouted “Play ball!” after administering John Suthers’ oath of office at his swearing in Monday. There may be no obvious connection between America’s favorite pastime and American public service, but Suthers bridged that […]

Categories: Health, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Obesity heavy subject

Bill will next be weighed in Appropriations By Leigh E. Rich The House Health and Human Services Committee has weighed in: Obesity is a health risk, physically and fiscally. Though HHS members joked around a bit Monday while hearing House Majority Leader Alice Madden’s bill that would create a pilot project for Medicaid clients who […]

Categories: Education, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Owens, legislators call for Churchill’s head

CU regent meeting heats up over Ward Churchill affair By Leigh E. Rich Tenure or no, Ward Churchill has to go. So said Gov. Bill Owens in a press conference Wednesday, commenting on the most recent University of Colorado scandal after signing the 65th General Assembly’s first bill into law. The pride with which Owens […]

Categories: Health, Politics, Utrinque Paratus | Comments Off on Medicaid measure session’s first law

HB 1086 reinstates medical services for legal immigrants By Leigh E. Rich Alternating between six different pens, Gov. Bill Owens signed House Bill 1086 into law Wednesday—the first of the 65th session, coming just three weeks after opening day. Sponsored by the six members of the Joint Budget Committee, the legislation reinstates Medicaid benefits to […]