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Jean Young an inspiration despite understated style By Leigh E. Rich   Life Lessons My Mother Taught Me By Andrea Young Tarcher/Putnam Books February 2000 272 pages $19.95 Martha Gellhorn, most commonly known as “Ernest Hemingway’s third wife” though most notably known as an award-winning novelist and wartime journalist in her own right, loathed the […]

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As his sight fades, author bares all By Leigh E. Rich Twilight: Losing Sight, Gaining Insight By Henry Grunwald Alfred A. Knopf November 1999 144 pages $20.00 Personalized books about illness, suffering and the “I’ve-got-a-disease” experience often lack clear scientific thought and valuable insight. Those that display medical jargon and faceless statistics leave readers wanting […]

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Edward Said’s memoir provides more exposition than insight By Leigh E. Rich Out of Place: A Memoir By Edward W. Said Alfred A. Knopf $26.95 Edward Said has leukemia. In Out of Place, his memoir about struggling with personal identity, Said doesn’t mention his illness until more than one hundred pages have passed, and he […]

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Veteran TV journalist Lesley Stahl is one tough cookie By Leigh E. Rich Reporting Live By Lesley Stahl Simon & Schuster $25.00 Veteran TV journalist Lesley Stahl is one tough cookie. She’s had to be. Joining the CBS News team as a Washington-based reporter in 1972, Stahl has covered every presidential administration from Nixon to […]

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Chastity Bono combines narrative and case study to reveal what ‘out’ is about By Leigh E. Rich Family Outing By Chastity Bono with Billie Fitzpatrick Little, Brown and Company $23.50 It’s not easy being gay. Whether you’re a small-town boy from South Carolina or the daughter of the celebrated singing duo Sonny and Cher, “coming […]

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Even when it comes to history, the customer is always right By Leigh E. Rich The story is all too familiar. The characters are always the same—Wyatt and Virgil, Billy and Ike, Doc Holliday, Johnny Ringo, Sheriff Behan and Big Nose Kate. And the conflict expeditiously plays out at the O.K. Corral. But the latest […]

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UA Theater Arts Department celebrates 60 years with a fresh look at a classic play By Leigh E. Rich Though many are unaware of its legacy, the UA Theatre Arts department was born 60 years ago in the midst of New Deals, impending war, and religious and ethnic intolerance. Although it was an era remembered […]

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Anniversary offers a chance to fall in love with ‘La Boheme’ By Leigh E. Rich Although Puccini’s “La Boheme” tells the all-too-recognizable bittersweet tale of destitute artists surviving on integrity and searching for love, it is “the most famous and widely performed opera of all time,” says professor and musical director Charles Roe. It is […]

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Actor fills the shoes of a god By Leigh E. Rich From Joseph in a Christmas pageant at age 4 to the Hindu god Ganesha, actor David Paul Francis has had some very large shoes to fill. And he steps into his latest role in the Arizona Theatre Company’s rendition of Terrance McNally’s “A Perfect […]

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Pulitzer-nominated Tesoriere explores theater, politics and fast food By Leigh E. Rich While many of you piled on the sofa with your cohorts last Thursday night to engage in an evening of “Friends” and “Seinfeld,” I spoke with award-winning playwright and director Ken Tesoriere in a McDonald’s on the north side—a most unlikely place which […]

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Convention just the thing for advent of spring By Leigh E. Rich George Bernard Shaw boasted almost a century ago that while most people write unconventional plays, he had written the conventional play. And just in time for the advent of spring, the Arizona Theatre Company presents Shaw’s comedy which ponders the meaning of love—“Candida.” […]

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Not-so-ordinary artist directs UA’s latest play about everyday life By Leigh E. Rich To all who are fortunate enough to encounter her determination and vim, it is apparent that Chicago-based playwright, actor and director Virginia Smith constantly has several “irons in the fire.” Nonetheless, her almost preternatural reserve of energy proves ample kindling to perpetuate […]