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I had to develop the knack to write

with my neighbor’s bass
      pulsing within my

and at the coffee shop
      where lovers whisper so low
      yet cruelly quarreling about
                           last night

I have dodged words in the shower
even though they only wish
                    to rhyme
                    the waves
                    of my
                    electric toothbrush

        or in the car
why must it always be in the car?

No, officer, I don’t know how fast I was
but I do know what rhymes with Korzeniowski
and there aren’t enough seatbelts for all of my exes
                    still crammed in the backseat

It’s not a speedy or sporty psyche
But you’d be amazed at the room
      and the elbows wedged in crevices
      and the tongues that fit
                                                    in ears
                    perjured promises
                                                        that someone’s really listening

Yes, I have the ability to write
      even while I

Now if only
                          I could write            well

Rich, L. E. (2005, November 4). Anywhere. Leigh Rich Freelance: five2seven.

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